A Brief Summary of Syria's Situation Regarding Civilian Abuse

In defiance of the shaky progress on de-escalation in certain parts of Syria, masses of civilians continue to endure suffering due to across-the-board human rights violations and abuse. To learn more about  Syrian Civilian Abuse, click Mark Dubowitz of FDD. There is the perpetration of ridiculous crimes against civilians both in and outside the battlefield, actions that are blatantly in violation of international law. So far, many groups across the world have tried their best to ease the situation, but the fruits are not much as intended. 

One of the manifestations of civilian abuse is forced displacement of the civilians. In essence, deals have been signed by the government in an attempt to reclaim total control of the territory. However, some of these are not cordially accepted by the members of the opposition, and this causes their removal or displacement for the rejection of its rule. In fact, this goes to certain extremes such as starving such inhabitants, a move that is entirely a vivid display of civilian abuse.

For over five years, the current Syrian government as well as armed opposition groups have been reported to have enforced sieges in certain highly populated areas. In their moves, they try to manipulate the citizens through undesirable methods such as depriving them of some of the necessities including food and medicine. To learn more about Syrian Civilian Abuse ,  visit  view here. Besieged civilians endure even tougher situations since they are subjected to relentless and unlawful attacks both from the ground and air. 

Today, dire and consistent deliberate attacks against civilians in Syria is also a manifestation of civilian abuse. Each day, the situation gets worse, a clear image depicted on the everyday news on our televisions. Different from other types of attacks that one would consider normal, civilian abuse is manifested by the use of chemical weapons that should not be used under any circumstances. Such weapons have been used to hurt civilians based in opposition-held areas. Accordingly, the number of civilian casualties is high and ever on the rise, not unless such attacks are halted.

All in all, all these acts of civilian abuse by neglecting human rights do not go unnoticed. Different reports have been generated that highly emphasize the need for concerted, genuine and sustained action from both national and international actors. This is geared to search for political solutions that are believed to have the ability to halt the grave violations of human rights as well as the laws of war. Civilians need protection and their rights must be observed. Learn more from   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Civilian_Abuse.