Human Rights Violations and Abuse in Syria

The state in Syria is worrying, not only to the citizens but also everyone across the world who is following up the happenings in the region. The situation gets worse by the continuous acts of human rights violations, without any discrimination as women and children are not spared. To get more info, click read more here. Persistent efforts to reach a political settlement have failed terribly since they are unable to reduce flagrant Syrian civilian abuse through violations of human rights.

Since 2011, a lot has happened in Syria concerning civilian abuse. For instance, over 117,000 people have either been detained or disappeared with no trace. These acts are unwanted since the law is never observed or followed in such convictions. In fact, people who have been detained even after tough court batters continue to endure torture and ill-treatment in the available detention facilities. Accordingly, thousands of deaths have been reported in such facilities, while a significant number of them have gone away unnoticed or without the knowledge of the general public.

All in all, the violations are expressed in a slew of ways, making it essential for immediate action especially from other countries and international organizations having the ability. Various rebel groups have also been behind the unwanted acts of civilians' abuse in Syria. For instance, widespread violations including targeting civilians with artillery and executions are highly undesirable actions. The violations are also manifested through regular kidnappings across the state. Click  this company to learn more about Syrian Civilian Abuse . The non-state armed groups that are active rebels also carry out different attacks against civilians, and they often block humanitarian aid; a move showing the dire extent of civilian abuse in the country.

Syria civilian abuse goes to the extent of harming the public using prohibited ways. For instance, certain attacks in 2015 and 2015 involved the use of harmful chemical weapons on the civilians. In some cases, the government is blamed, and the rebel groups are also responsible for a large percentage of such attacks. Regardless of the motive, such attacks are inappropriate bearing in mind their dire consequences, and for the simple fact that they are in violation of human rights.

All the parties linked to this horrific conflict should fundamentally realign their tactics, primarily with the basic notions of humanity. Moreover, the international community must strengthen its commitment to proper justice and accountability for all culprits of crimes that violate the human rights. These are the only viable solutions that can eventually successfully end the Syria civilian abuse. Learn more from